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Gojek Clone App is undoubtedly the first choice of sharp-witted entrepreneurs like you because of two primary reasons. First, the App Owner earns commission on every single order delivered or service rendered through the App. Therefore, it becomes your profit-making machine. Second, this Fully-Functional Market Tested App is feature-rich and constantly keeps reinventing itself because of its extremely intuitive core nature.

Does Apps like Gojek have just one business model to rake in profits with?

Absolutely Not! These On-Demand Multi-Services App have yet another gem under their skin. It’s called Subscription Plans!

What are these Subscription Plans?

The App Owner designs and curates Subscription Plans with varying validity periods for Service Providers to choose from. These Plans are of a month, two-month, quarterly, half-yearly and annually. Service Providers make a one-time payment and buy a Plan. Once they have bought the Plan, they no longer have to pay commission per order to the App Owner. They can render a myriad of services without feeling the pinch of giving away a portion of their hard-earned money to the Entrepreneur every single time a service is offered. The App Owner also decides the number of days before the Plan Expiry Date to start notifying the Service Provider to renew the Plan.

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Because once your Plan has expired, the Service Providers can no longer accept service requests.

Is the Commission Rate same for all the On-Demand Services?

Most certainly not! The App Owner decides different Commission Rates for the Services offered through the App based on the genre of the Service offered. The Entrepreneur enjoys the exclusive authority to decide these rates. For example, 5 % Commission Rate will be levied on Car Wash Services while the App Owner can charge up to 12 % from a Real Estate Agent.

What are these exquisite features that have made young Entrepreneurs like you yourself nutty as a fruitcake?

Gojek Clone App has recently launched Covid-19 Safety Measures Guidelines which are a direct reflection of the World Health Organisation’s Directives of how to stay safe amid this catastrophic Pandemic.

Taxi Drivers have to upload a Selfie with the Face Mask On

Taxi Drivers have to undergo a mandatory Face Mask Verification Procedure before they can even start the Ride. They click a Selfie with the Surgical Face Mask On and then upload it on the App. The App Owner then verifies the status of Driver’s Mask by logging into the Admin Panel and approves it. Only after the Approval can the Taxi Driver go ahead and accept a ride request.

Only two passengers can travel in Basic Hatchback and Sedan Cars

This is to ensure that social distancing is maintained amongst the Riders to curb the further spread of novel-coronavirus. The App Owner has the sole authority to decide the total number of passengers that can travel per ride based on the type of the Taxi Cab chosen. Riders are then requested to pay online either using their Card or the In-App Wallet because currency notes are one of the most common carriers of this lethal Covid-19 Virus. However, the Rider can still choose to pay in Cash if that is the most suitable payment option available.

Real-Time Tracking

This feature enables Users to track the movement of the Service Providers on the Google Maps in real-time. They get regular live updates about the current location of the Service Provider through In-App Push notifications. Graphical icons are sparingly used to denote the status such as Driver will reach in 5 minutes, Your Cab has arrived, Parcel Packed, Delivery on the Way and Delivery Completed.

Real-Time Tracking is useful when Users hail Taxi Rides, order Parcel Delivery, avail services like Carwash, Beauticians-on-demand, and Masseuse, place Restaurant Orders online and even call Delivery Genie.


Gojek Clone App is the Genie of the on-demand Service Industry. Its worth in the market has grown exponentially higher because of progressive outlook and ethical standpoint. If you aspire to become an Entrepreneur and want to make quick and easy money by launching a Gojek like App in just under a weeks’ time then contact App Development Company right this moment! We have earned the reputation of a company that gives Quick Delivery of Fully-Functional Market Tested Quality Apps.

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