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App development has become one of the most attractive jobs in today’s world. The app industry has been thriving, especially since it started to generate billions of dollars in revenue. By learning how to develop an app, one can significantly increase revenue not only for oneself but also for one’s clients. When it comes to apps, iOS stands apart from the rest of the crowd. It is one of the most popular and high-quality operating systems ever developed. Developing apps for the iPhone is highly beneficial since iOS users tend to be willing to pay more. 

There are numerous advantages of becoming an iOS app developer. Companies from across the globe look for talented and skilled individuals who can develop great quality apps that meet the needs and expectations of the organization. For instance, developers who have the ability to create top-notch mobile gaming apps are in high demand, such as the developers at the famous gaming company Phonato Studios

Therefore, to help people learn more about iOS app development, we have written this blog. Aspiring developers will get all the necessary information to build a top-notch app for Apple devices. Let’s take a look at the steps one needs to take to develop an iOS app:

Basic Requirements to Develop An iOS App

First and foremost, a Mac computer is a must if one wants to work with the current version of Xcode. An individual can purchase a Mac Mini and connect it with a monitor to start developing an app. The next step is to register for an Apple Application Developer account, which is free. After successfully registering, one will be able to download Xcode and access the iOS SDK. Finally, one has to install Xcode, which is the only code required to develop iOS apps. 


Once Xcode is successfully installed, the developer has to get himself acquainted with the interface, which consists of five sections. After this step, one has to learn about the development tools. There are various tools that are completely free of cost, like Bitbucket, GitHub, Stackoverflow, etc. Knowledge of these is vital during the development stage of an application. 

Apple’s Design and Development Guidelines

Every developer needs to adhere to the guidelines created by Apple in order to launch a new app in the App Store. These guidelines have to do with the safety, performance, design, and legal aspects of the application. This also includes all the features to avoid any fraud ad spamming or potential threat to the user’s privacy. Only once these guidelines are met will Apple allow an app to be made available on the App Store. Hence, every developer should learn and review the rules and regulations set by Apple. 

Starting App Development Project

First of all, one has to download and set up Xcode from the Mac Store. Once this is done, then open the Xcode and start a new project, name the project as you please. The next step is to select either Objective C or Swift and then save the file. Now comes the stage of writing the code for the application. After correctly writing the code, one has to connect to the user interface. After successfully doing so, one has to click on the run button. 

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