Gojek Clone Thailand: Launch A Perfect On Demand Multi Service App With Latest Technology

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Have you ever wondered along the lines of creating a multi-services app for your business? Have you then immediately realised that it was a path riddled with too many complexities? If yes, then you may now breathe a sigh of relief. We say that because here’s a blog post that’s going to make everything related to the Gojek clone app Thailand simple for you. 

Today’s write up is wholesomely dedicated towards gaining more information. We will share information regarding:

  1. The effective creation of a multi service app
  2. Deployment of the perfect Gojek clone app
  3. Facilitation of growth and profitability of your business in this competitive market. 

Before we get down to all the details as mentioned above, let us scroll over a quick overview of the Gojek clone app Thailand and its various services. 


The Gojek clone app is an unconventional solution to the prevailing multi service app scenario of the existing market. There is no doubt about the fact that on demand apps have been around for a while. It is also true that almost every industry has emulated the original Gojek app flow into their digital schema. This is done to create their own apps that allow users to hire service providers. However, the Gojek clone app brings a whole new dimension. It introduces an amalgam of over 70 different services in a single app. 

Many on demand mobile app development companies build their own launch ready, pre created white label on demand Gojek clone apps. These apps can be customised in terms of features. After this is done it is easy to launch the Gojek clone app on the Google Play store and the iOS app store in a matter of a week’s time. This not only reduces your effective market penetration timeline but also significantly cuts down on app development costs. 

By allowing a single app to completely manage over 70 different services, the Gojek clone app helps in:

  1. saving space on the user’s device 
  2. ensuring that they can effectively declutter their devices
  3. consume less battery 
  4. consume less data as compared to parallel running so many apps.


Step 1: The users can easily download and then sign up into the Gojek clone app Thailand. One needs to simply link the app with their social media accounts. They are free to fill out a form in case they do not wish to use this option. 

Step 2: Now, the users can see a list of all the services that are listed in the app. To go to the various landing pages unique to the service, the user can click on the service. After this, the user can see other categories and sub categories to choose from. 

Step 3: Now, the customers can select the service providers or purchase the products that they want to from the stores. Once this is done, the service provider receives a notification. The notification has details regarding where the service needs to be delivered and then they can go there for the same.

Step 4: The app automatically generates an invoice after the services are delivered. The user can use the in app wallet to make a payment, or pay using cash as per their convenience. 

Step 5: Finally, the user and the service provider can rate each other and review each other based on their experience of the services delivered. The users and the service providers can also rate the app on the app store. 


Every entrepreneur hopes to find the best app to help in establishing their business. It is very important to always be mindful of the various features that will furnish your app and boost its performance. You may short list a couple of different apps and then try them both in a live environment before you actually put in any money towards it. 

Do a little market research. Try to look for a company that has established its reputation in the market as one of the best on demand mobile app development companies. The company should also give custom white label services and offer the source code of the Gojek clone application along with the purchase absolutely free.

Other important things such as:

  1. getting a good bug support for at least a year’s time post purchase
  2. quick turn around time
  3. complete responsibility of launching the app on the Google Play store and iOS app store to protect you against app rejection 
  4. and so on and so forth 

must be considered before purchase.

Finally, you must approach this business with a clear mind. Since this is a very unique concept, you must be able to look beyond conventional business practices. Get creative with your revenue generating policies. For example, you can also use your landing page banners on the Gojek clone app for earning money from marketing. 

This is why; it is important to get creative and think out of the box. The Gojek clone app presents you with a very unique opportunity that you must utilise to reach the pinnacle of success in the on demand industry. This is your chance. Make it count. 

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